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Deciding which school to go to and what course to take is a dilemma for senior high school students because there are various factors to consider. Among their concerns are their finances, scholarship, and the school’s location, even learning modality. 

Due to the pandemic, some students have second thoughts about enrolling this school year. But learning should never stop. Continuing your studies is your ticket to achieve your ambition and make a difference. The National Teachers College gives five tips on how you can choose the program you can pursue. 

  • List down your likes and hobbies.

Knowing yourself and what you enjoy will give you an idea of what you can take in college. With your list of likes and hobbies, you can associate courses and subjects related to what you like. If gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge are what you love, you might consider taking Education, or if you are tech-savvy, you may reflect on taking IT. Your likes and hobbies can help you weigh your options like what we say at NTC, pursue your passion, and achieve your ambition. 

  • Think of your existing skills and experiences.

Knowing what your likes and hobbies are the first steps in determining which course you should choose but you also have to think of what you got and what you can offer. When selecting a program to pursue, you have to think about whether your skills and experience align with it or not. Incompatible skills and experience will only make your school life unbearable unless you are persistent. Often, conflicting skill sets and experiences lead to students dropping out or shifting to another course. 

However, there are also those who were able to succeed despite this. Good thing at NTC, we are innovating our curriculum so that you can enjoy both worlds.

  • Think of subjects that interest you.

This tip is easy because all you have to do is think of the subject which interests you. Do you think you are more interested in Science, History or English? Choosing a program with subject matter that interests you will engage you with your classes and give you a better college experience. Thus, it means you will excel in a course with the same subject matter that interests you. 

It is great to hear that NTC’s academic team is continuously undergoing training to make each session compelling, engaging, and enjoyable for its students. 

  • Research job opportunities

It’s not too early to think of the future, even if you are still in the process of deciding which course to take. It’s better that you already have ideas of what opportunities you will have once you study that course. You have to think if it will still be in demand after four years or five years. It will help you prepare for what you can become in the future.

NTC provides an intensified career-readiness coaching program that helps its students progress in their chosen careers. NTC’s Pre-Employment Program (PEP) that provides industry-aligned activities assisting students to become ready for their career. The program is in partnership with the top companies in the service industry. Its implementation has delivered high returns to trainees both from SHS and college groups.

Because of the industry-based design of the program and the way it is delivered via  ̈learning by doing, the trainees can develop key features that make them stand out in the labour market enough to have a higher salary, faster employment, and better acceptance.

  • Follow your Heart

NTCians know that following their heart helps them to find the right program for them. They know that they have to listen to what their heart says to them because it holds their desire, passion, and ambition. Although in some instances, you might have regret after following it, you will also learn something. Besides, in the end, everything still depends on your decision.

But don’t fret. NTC is here to help you exercise your passion and achieve your ambition. We enable career and life readiness by offering industry-aligned, fun, yet challenging education. At the same time, NTC is continuously improving its extra-curricular programs to ensure that you can pursue your heart’s desire and be successful in the field of your choice.

Once you have decided what you should take in college, the National Teachers College is always open for students who have the passion and ambition to pursue their dreams and to succeed in life. 

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