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Premier education institution that develops top-level manpower skills

The History of NTC

The National Teachers College was founded by Dr. Segundo M. Infantado, Sr., a former Director of Public Instruction of the Philippines, and Dr. Flora Amoranto-Ylagan, whose interest in teaching and the preparation of good teachers arose from her unfortunate experience under a cruel teacher. 

NTC was officially incorporated on September 29, 1928 and was authorized by the Department of Public Instruction on April 17, 1929 to operate as an educational institution. Its doors opened to the student public on June 10, 1929 and was granted government recognition on February 17, 1930. On its first year of operations, it was permitted by the government to operate a complete General Course in Education leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education, a complete Preparatory Course leading to the title of Associate in Arts, and complete courses in General High School, Commercial High School and High School in Home Economics—a first of its kind in the Philippines. All these courses were permitted to be offered in the morning and evening which was never done in other schools prior to the establishment of this College.

Who We Are

The National Teachers College is a premier education institution that develops top-level manpower skills. It seeks to further its philosophy, mission and vision by imparting to its graduates a high degree of competence in their chosen career, and in their quest for the required specialized knowledge, training and professional preparation for national and international endeavours. In this age of convergence, NTC helps graduates excel in a just & equitable world, armed with wisdom, excellence, relevance, access and effectiveness in the attainment of national productivity and world-class competitiveness. All courses are information-technology enhanced with a wide variety of specialization for personal and professional growth.

NTC Facade


The National Teachers College believes in democratic education for individual responsibility and social competence.


NTC envisions itself as a leading academic institution for the development of all levels of education anchored on the ideals of Excellence, Relevance, Access, and Effectiveness, geared towards national productivity and world-class competitiveness.


The avowed mission of NTC is to provide leaders and innovators in the academe and industry who are equipped, responsible, and competent individuals who can contribute to national and international endeavors.

NTC Showcase Room


1. To produce educators and personnel in the industry who are socially efficient and responsive to the needs of the Republic of the Philippines within the framework of international standards; and

2. To provide students with a working understanding of the nature and meaning of democracy, of the changing social milieu in which they are expected to work and live, the nature of the Filipino and his culture, and his responsibilities to the people of the region, to which he belongs, and to the world at large.

Core Values

Commitment to Excellence
Respect for the Individual
Dedication to Service 

NTC Hymn

Kami ay mangaglalakbay
Tanging paaralan
Taglay namin ang 'yong ngalan
Liwanag sa kadiliman

Ang diwa mo'y nabubuhay
Sa dibdib ng kababayan
At ang aming kalayaa'y
Mananatiling may tanglaw.

Tanging ilaw
Na taglay mo'y ikakalat
Nang ang langit
Sa silanga'y lumiwanag

Kahit saan kami mapapunta
Ilaw namin ang iyong alaala
Ang tanglaw mo ay panghawi sa dusa
Sa silangan ay pag-asa ka

Key Officers

The National Teachers College is led by some of the most brilliant educators and professionals in the country. They are at the forefront of a mission to develop competent and socially responsible graduates. Know more about our leaders today.

Alfredo Antonio I. Ayala (President)
Pamela Q. Wu (Executive Vice President)
Edizon A. Fermin (Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Jennifer T. BUen (Vice President for Finance)
John Bellosillo (Head of Planning)
Carlo A. Jimeno (Director for Marketing and Admissions)
Agnes L. Sunga (Registrar)
Bernadette Nepomuceno (Consultant)


The National Teachers College is committed to wisdom and excellence. Here are the accreditations earned by some of our academic programs over the years.

School of Teacher Education

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSED)

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BEED)

School of Teacher Education

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)

School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Marketing Management

Data Privacy Notice

Personal Information. All information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (natural person) including name, contact, details, address, email address, gender, age, date of birth, educational history, family members, and any information which is collected, recorded, held or stored by NTC.

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629 J. Nepomuceno Street,
Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

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