Graduate Program Students who have gone beyond their residency periods are given the whole of SY 2020-2021 to complete their programs. They must take the required 9-unit research refresher courses in Cycle 2 of Summer 2020, re-enroll their thesis writing, and follow the new guidelines for research writing.

Send your letter of request for re-admission addressed to Dr. Ferdinand E. Pitagan, Dean of the School of Teacher Education through Non-completion within the new period means automatic removal from the roster of active students and transfer to another institution.

Visit this link to enroll:

Start date of enrollment:
* Session 2 – May 27-June 6 (Max of 9 units)

Start date of classes:
* Session 2 – June 8 – July 4

Take advantage of our low Summer 2020 session fees:
Masteral Fees per session:
3 units: 3,262
6 units: 4,984
9 units: 6,706

Doctoral Fees per session:
3 units: 3,763
6 units: 5,986
9 units: 8,209

Downpayment is at 500 pesos and you can pay the remaining balance before the end of the session.

You can also finance your summer session fees via BukasPh which allows you to pay for your fees at 12-monthly installments for only 1.5% interest per month.

Visit for more information

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