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Benefits of Pursuing Graduate Studies

Setting yourself ahead of others offers more opportunities, particularly in the education sector, where promotion is very tight. Thereby, most millennials perceive that taking a master’s degree or a graduate study helps them establish their career.

Indeed, career advancement is only among the few benefits of postgraduate study. However, deciding to pursue further studies for Generation X and Y is a tough decision to make. Besides, enrolling in graduate studies is time-consuming and needs a huge amount of self-motivation.

Most of all, being a graduate student also needs a serious financial commitment, so you have to be certain about whether you’ll pursue it or not. Yet, the National Teachers College has a say about the benefits you will gain if you consider continuing your education. 

  •  You will gain specialized skills.

Earning your master’s degree provides specialized and advantageous knowledge that can help you enhance your industry expertise and credibility in your field. Aside from that, you will become more competent and competitive in your chosen field. 

Obtaining your master’s degree will also develop your current skill and gain new skills that you can also use in different industries. In NTC, the Graduate School infused LinkedIn Learning in their curriculum allowing students to upskill and earn micro-credentials. 

  •  It offers flexible and lifelong learning.

Even before the pandemic occurs, graduate students have the option to do their studies through distance learning or a combination of methods, so they could still commit to their other priorities. 

NTC’s graduate school of Teacher Education has synchronous and self-paced learning to manage better graduate studies, and within 18 months you can earn your Master’s or Doctorate’s Degree via NTC’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Program. The RPL program allows students to have their work experiences credited.

Aside from that, graduate studies are not only for those new graduates because even people in their later years can still pursue it, which the National Teachers College also encouraged. 

  •  It builds your professional network.

In graduate school, you will meet people from different walks of life. Hence, it gives you a chance to build your network of professionals. The connections you gain can influence your career and communication.

It will help you with the different industries that you wish to venture into in the future, wherein NTC could also help you since it has a diversity of students from various professions and well-established professors who can provide additional connections.

  • It offers opportunities for a career change.

Pursuing a graduate program helps you reinvent yourself. The specialized skills and new knowledge you acquired can pave the way for new opportunities in a different field, especially if you are trying to pursue your passion that you have forgotten already. 

Some students enroll themselves in graduate programs despite the misalignment of their bachelor’s degrees. The National Teachers College welcomes students with different bachelor’s degrees who wish to pursue a Master of Arts in Education to enroll. 

  • You will have first-hand experience.

Indeed, in obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you have your on-the-job training that provides a general overview of what your career can be. However, in graduate studies, you will further immerse yourself in your chosen field. 

It provides a more in-depth experience and comprehension of your chosen field. Besides, you can apply the strategies and methods you already learned in graduate school in your work in real-time, which can also help you acquire more projects. 

Given these benefits of pursuing your graduate school, the next thing that you have to think about is which school to apply for. The National Teachers College has a Graduate School in which you can pursue your Master of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in Counseling, and Doctor in Education major in Educational Leadership.

The NTC Graduate School of Teacher Education (GSOTE) is the Standard Bearer of the Institution dedicated to developing competent and high-quality educators. NTC was one of the only four awardees in the 2020 Ayala Innovation Excellence Awards for its Graduate School Distance Education Program. Thus, it is committed to being the leading school for advanced studies for innovative institutional leaders who are committed to the culture of excellence in education, research, and service. 

Apart from that, NTC provides a meaningfully differentiated approach that provides a credible path towards sustainable impact to its students and graduates in aid of nation-building through quality and affordable education. 

Thereby, in NTC, you can study now and pay later. It is possible through the partnership of NTC and Bukas that provides tuition installment plans comprehensively designed to be flexible and affordable in which you can jumpstart your career. 

If you choose to pursue your graduate studies, you have to ensure that you are getting the best education. Thus, there is no better institution than the National Teachers College to seek a high-quality education to excel and pursue your ambition.


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