NTC now offers BS Criminology

National Teachers College (NTC) proudly announces the launch of its newest academic offering, the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program, effective School Year 2024-2025. This program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers in law enforcement, criminal justice, and related fields.  

Meeting Demands

With the increasing demand for criminology and criminal justice professionals, NTC is committed to providing quality education and training to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in these fields.  

Providing Comprehensive Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology program at NTC will cover a comprehensive curriculum, including criminal law, forensic science, criminal investigation, and crime prevention courses. Students can also engage in practical training and internships to gain hands-on experience in real-world settings.  

Meeting Our Society’s Needs

We are excited to introduce the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program at the National Teachers College. This program reflects NTC’s commitment to meeting society’s evolving needs. Furthermore, we will provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in the fields of criminology and criminal justice.

Applications Ongoing

Applications for the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program are now open. Prospective students can file their application HERE or visit the admissions office for more information.  

About National Teachers College

The National Teachers College (NTC) is a premier higher education institution dedicated to providing accessible quality education. Likewise, it is committed in training future educators and professionals across various disciplines. With a legacy of excellence spanning 95 years, NTC is committed to fostering academic excellence and holistic development among its students. NTC was awarded the 2024 Global Inclusion Awards in Paris, France, for its COPES Framework, which empowers its graduates to become competent and socially responsible in their respective fields. 

In 2018, The National Teachers College officially became part of AC Education, the education arm of Ayala Corporation. AC Education was later on merged with iPeople, a partnership between the Yuchengco Group of Companies and Ayala Corp. The partnership aims to empower Filipino families by delivering accessible, quality education.

 NTC offers programs in homeschooling, K-12, collegiate programs in education, accountancy, business and office administration, hospitality and tourism management, psychology, IT and library science, and graduate school. Additionally, NTC manages APEC Schools, one of the country’s largest chains of private stand-alone high schools.

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