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An Outstanding NTCian

Being outstanding among the rest could be a challenge, but putting actions into words can make it all possible. Delia P. Jadaone, Assistant Professor at San Mateo Municipal College,  proves this to us. 

From Delia’s undergraduate years to her doctorate years, she had been an outstanding student. She had been a scholar, the most outstanding teacher, and a loving mother. Her journey as a teacher lead her to be a subject coordinator and club moderator, and every task given to her she performed with utmost grace.

Earning her college degree and being a Hall of Famer as an Outstanding Teacher must be enough for others. Yet, Delia continued to pursue her Master’s Degree under the CHED – FAPE Scholarship because she always wants to empower herself. Most of all, her angel inspires him to continue studying and pursuing her Doctorate in the National Teachers College, where she graduated last 2019.

According to Delia, “I chose NTC because I know in my heart that it is the institution that hones effective and efficient educators. Aside from the attraction of its tagline, ‘Ang karunungan ay tanglaw’ says it all! Before I enrolled at NTC, I told my intention to my friends, and one of them (Dr. Joan Diaz) insisted not to waste my time thinking about it, so she accompanied me to NTC. It was the 2nd semester of 2015. I felt God is guiding me in such an undertaking because everything came smoothly. When I presented my TOR and credentials to the graduate school dean, she said she would no longer let me take the test. Thus, I can enroll already. I was so happy and told myself that I would make it good until I graduate. True enough, I became a better and more empowered educator.”

Sometimes our second thoughts lead us to a better place where knowledge and wisdom are powerful. Her astounding credentials also brought her to better places which she continuously proves as she earned her Doctorate.

While Delia was in NTC, she learned that she had to face obstacles, doubters, and mistakes, but through hard work, everything is possible. Her determination also helped her to finish what she started. Thus, the things she experienced in NTC empowered her and taught her to be positive to make a difference. NTC also developed the leadership skills that helped her be a mentor, a collaborator, an inspiration, and a guide to empowering her students.

Through NTC, the things she could not imagine became possible, especially in terms of research. She was able to present it in the NTC Research Sharing Activity of the Doctoral Council. Most of all,  she was able to exhibit it at an International Conference in Cambodia in 2016. Thus, NTC became a key to her endeavors in research, for she became a better and productive researcher. 

“In my first semester in NTC, my classmates and I did research, and it is like a baptism of fire. Good thing, I taught research in high school and statistics in college. My groupmates were so great. We divided the tasks and everything until we came up with our topic. We presented our output in class and eventually showed it in the NTC Research Sharing Activity of the Doctoral Council. The presentation of our research did not end there. We submitted the same paper to an International Conference in Cambodia in 2016.  Such endeavor inspired me to do more. Although I am a researcher, NTC made me a better and productive researcher. I owe all these inspirations and determination to NTC,” said Delia. 

In 2017, Delia presented another research in Thailand. In 2018, in Indonesia, and 2019 in Singapore. While in 2020, amidst the pandemic, she was able to expound her research virtually in Sri Lanka. Aside from international conferences, Delia also presented her research in different regions in the Philippines. 

Apart from being an outstanding and exemplary researcher, Delia was an officer of the NTC Doctoral Council with feeding, literacy, and gift-giving programs. Thus, she can share her time, blessings, and love with elementary students in Bataan. 

The National Teachers College produces educators like Delia P. Jadaone, empowered and outstanding in everything she does. NTC ensures that students would always have the best quality of education to break the limitations of students so they will be leaders and innovators in the academe and industry. 

NTC, a premier institution under a Yuchengco-Ayala educational partnership, ensures that Filipinos will have access to quality education at a reasonable cost.

NTC Partnered with experts in remote learning to ensure the effective delivery of its remote learning. These include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-JWEL who works with member organizations to promote excellence and transformation in education to address global opportunities for scalable change in education; Mapua University, one of the pioneers in distance learning, has been continuously improving learning connectivity online even before ECQ; Derrick Latrielle ran learning and development operations for blue-chip technology, telecommunications, and BPO companies operating around the world, especially in South America and Southeast Asia; and, Dr. Edizon Fermin is a member of CHED’s Technical Working Group on Remote Learning.

NTC’s learning continuity plan is clear: stay safe at home and learn meaningfully with assistance from our responsive remote staff, either through calls, texts, social media messages, or emails. The world may have changed drastically, but NTC’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education remains steadfast.

NTC Graduate School of Teacher Education offers a Doctor of Education major in Educational Leadership, Master of Arts in Education, and Master of Arts in Counseling.

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