Graduate Program-EdD

Doctor of Education major in Educational Management

As the global information economy evolves, organizations are becoming increasingly changing, and innovative organizational models and practices have become crucial to successfully achieve leadership competencies. Consequently, leadership in this environment requires higher, more sophisticated acquisition of knowledge and skills. The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program is designed to educational practitioners in the schools. Schools leaders must facilitate learning in diverse classrooms, prepare students for jobs in a global, information-based economy, lead their classrooms, schools and systems effectively and efficiently in the face of severe political and economic pressures, and produced all other outcomes traditionally expected from educational institutions.

Graduates of this program seek professional opportunities as school principals, deans, district administrators and supervisors, school superintendents, and bureau directors.

Each area of specialization offers courses developed to enhance and refine skills of the individual whether an administrator, educational counselor, or classroom teacher.

All specializations have a research component and most culminate with Activity Paper or Project. All project work integrates the theoretical aspects of education and the practical experience of the adult learner through the identification and exploration of significant problem reflecting the student’s area of professional responsibilities and interests.

Program Requirements:

A. Specialization Courses (42 units)
B. Elective Courses (9 units)
C. Other Program Requirements (15 units)

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