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Our expectations often drag us down because we get frustrated when we do not meet our expectations. However, Godin said that our expectations determine our actions’ quality, and Stephanie Claire Juan, a BS Psychology graduate and an HR Training Specialist at the Yuchengco Group of Companies – House of Investments, Inc. proved that expectations are met through determination and hard work.

Claire comes from a family of achievers since most of her family are supervisors, teachers, and managers. She thinks she has to be like them, although she was already an achiever at a young age. Yet, it puts weight on her shoulders. That’s why she has to push herself to be the best and stand for what she thinks is right.

Like any other student, she had a tough decision to make whether she would follow her heart’s desire or her parent’s wishes. Before enrolling at the National Teachers College, Claire liked to take a bachelor’s degree in criminology, but her mother talked her out of taking that dangerous course. 

As she was thinking of what else she would take and where to study, her aunt, who is close to Claire, mentioned the National Teachers College, where she had taken her master’s degree. With her aunt’s experience in NTC, Claire became curious and tried her luck at NTC. 

“Knowing that NTC, when it comes to education, napaka quality po talaga, that’s why she (my aunt) recommended NTC, na doon na lang ako mag – aral ng Psychology, since doon din niya tinake yung Master’s niya,” shared Claire. 

Yet, as she began her journey at NTC, the expectations set to her by her parents were still there that even upon admission, she was expected to be a teacher like her mom, who is an English Teacher.

“Knowing my mother is an English major, pagdating namin ng NTC gusto niya sakin maging teacher. E di nung nasa admission na po ako at tinanong ako anong course ko, sabi ko po education, pero wala po talaga akong idea and ayoko po talaga mag teacher. Gusto ko na lumihis ng landas. Then yung isa pong admission, tinanong niya ko ano daw po course ko and nung nakita niya po na parang di ako sure, lumabas po siya para kausapin po ang mama ko and ayun po sinabi niya na concen lang po sila sakin kasi ako daw po mahihirapan mag – aral, kaya bakit di na lang daw ibigay kung ano yung course na gusto ko. Kaya po ayun nagtagumpay naman po ako na nakuha ko yung Psychology,” said Claire.

NTC helped her take the less traveled road and allowed her to grow and discover her strengths. That’s why she succeeded in everything she did. She also learned to be a leader and a voice for her class because her classmates trusted her to raise their concerns to the teachers, serving as a medium for harmony. 

According to Claire, there was even a time that they petitioned for the Professional Employment Program (PEP) to be on a different schedule from their internship and thesis writing. They believed that PEP was just another subject that burdens them. Yet, PEP allowed her to be in the Yuchengco Group of Companies – House of Investments, Inc.

NTC Professional Employment Program (PEP) prepares students for industry success and doubles their chances of employment within 90 days of their graduation, which Claire had not imagined to happen to her. She was hired immediately by the Yuchengco Group of Companies – House of Investments as an HR Training Specialist.

“PEP helps us a lot, especially in looking for a job and how you can get hired,” Claire said.

As Claire thrives in her career, she wants to return to the opportunity NTC has given her. She helps students of NTC in their practicum to be hired as interns and employees in her organization. 

According to Claire, “Kahit na grumaduate na ko, dala – dala ko pa rin yung learnings and wisdoms na galing sa mga Mentors ko sa NTC. Lahat ng knowledge and wisdoms ko, galing sa NTC and inapply ko siya sa work ko, because NTC and my professors prepared me with the right skills, knowledge, and wisdom talaga.”

Indeed, Claire is game with any challenges in the real world as she is equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and wisdom from the National Teachers College to break the expectations of others and set an attainable expectation for herself to achieve with flying colors.

NTC, a premier institution under a Yuchengco-Ayala educational partnership, ensures that Filipinos will have access to quality education at a reasonable cost.

NTC Partnered with experts in remote learning to ensure the effective delivery of its remote learning. These include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-JWEL which works with member organizations to promote excellence and transformation in education to address global opportunities for scalable change in education; Mapua University, one of the pioneers in distance learning, has been continuously improving learning connectivity online even before ECQ; Derrick Latrielle ran learning and development operations for blue-chip technology, telecommunications, and BPO companies operating around the world, especially in South America and Southeast Asia; and, Dr. Edizon Fermin is a member of CHED’s Technical Working Group on Remote Learning.

NTC’s learning continuity plan is clear: stay safe at home and learn meaningfully with assistance from our responsive remote staff, either through calls, texts, social media messages, or emails. The world may have changed drastically, but NTC’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education remains steadfast.

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