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How To Register your Application

You may also visit NTC Campus from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (except holidays) to file your application. Click HERE to set an appointment on site.

Step 1: Register / File Your Application

CLICK HERE to register / file your application online
CLICK HERE to register / file your application at NTC

– Click the button above to register / fill up the application form. Once diverted to the portal, kindly click Register here (see photo below)

– Fill-up the information requested by the system. See photo below.

– You will be sent an email containing your authentication code. If you have not received it in your inbox, kindly check your spam mail. See photo below.

– Enter the authentication Code

– Fill-up the form

Save your data and click Step 2 in the sidebar. See Photo below:

Step 2: Upload Your Admission Requirements

Click “Upload” to upload your credentials. Click “Browse” to look for your document. Click “Upload” to save the document. If your credentials are not yet complete, you may just upload any available credentials and submit the original credentials within the semester.

-Click submit and agree to the Sworn Statement

Our Admissions Officer will message you once enrollment is already open. If there is a change with your contact details, kindly email

Need more information?

Fill-up the inquiry form HERE

Email us at

Send us a message via Messenger /NTCManila

Send us an SMS through the following: Globe: 09663312083, 09663312039, 09663307801 Smart: 09391845865

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