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  1. The “In Progress” (IP) Status is a remark denoting that a student is being given further consideration in fulfilling the requirements to earn credits in a course due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.
  2. The IP remark is different from the INC (incomplete) mark. The INC mark applies to students who have consistently not turned in any requirement and have not participated in any of the learning provisions whether on correspondence or modified online mode.
    Students who filed for dropping or authorized withdrawal are not covered by IP nor INC.
  3. For students in the college and graduate degree programs, the following shall apply:
    • Accomplish the google form to request for the completion of their IP status. Please click on the link: https://bit.ly/2Y4XI8d
    • Within the same day of request, the requesting student will receive an email from his/her program head with the corresponding tasks for each subject given the ‘IP’ remark, the date of submission, and Google form link through which the outputs
      will be uploaded.
    • Below is the directory of Program Heads that may be used for further clarification:
Program Head Email Address
General Education Prof. Judel Roman ja.roman@ntc.edu.ph
BSP Prof. Vanessa Mangunay vm.mangunay@ntc.edu.ph
BSIT / BLIS Prof. Herminiño Lagunzad hc.lagunzad@ntc.edu.ph
BSA Prof. Elena Aguila ed.aguila@ntc.edu.ph
BSBA / BSOA Prof. Carlos Maglutac c.maglutac@ntc.edu.ph
BSHM / BSTM Prof. Reynaldo Yanga rt.yanga@ntc.edu.ph
BEEd / BECEd / BSNEd Prof. Allan Alba ab.alba@ntc.edu.ph
BSEd / BTLEd / BPEd Prof. Chu Soriano cd.soriano@ntc.edu.ph
Graduate Program Prof. Dagame Bohol do.bohol@ntc.edu.ph
    • The requesting student will be given two days to complete the task/s and submit to their program heads using the Google form link. Note that a unique link will be assigned for each school.
    • Within the day of submission, the Program Head will forward the outputs to the concerned teachers for evaluation. The Program Heads through the Deans will email the Registrar regarding the request to open the grading system for the
      concerned teachers.
    • Teachers are given one day to evaluate the outputs. The teacher/program head will encode the grades within two days after the evaluation period.
    • The following will be the schedule of IP status completion:
Completion Days Student Group
January 18 – February 28,
Students who should have graduated by the end of the First Semester, AY 2020-2021 (all degree programs)
January 18 – December 18,
All other students, undergraduate and
graduate levels

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