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Build, Explore, and Experiment with NTC: The Key to Success in Life

Grow Confidently with NTC

NTC helps students succeed in life through its modern experiential learning system, which allows students to explore, experiment, and generate new ideas.

Flexible Course Loads via HyFlex Learning

NTC offers a well-paced blended learning schedule to accommodate different lifestyle needs and maximize learning experiences.

The cyclical and semestral system helps students focus on their subjects and balance academic responsibilities with personal activities.

Inclusive and Nurturing Environment

Whoever you are, you are welcome and loved at NTC. You can join a wide variety of student organizations.

NTC Provides diverse events, activities, and clubs that cater to different interests, allowing students to excel academically and pursue hobbies and passions.

Real-World Ready Education

We partnered with industry experts to ensure that our graduates are career-ready. With our Pre-Employment Program, 90% of graduates are employed within 90 days of graduation.

Confident Learning and Development

Enjoy school-life balance at NTC with our flexible curriculum!

Our Modern Learning System allows students to develop the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed.

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