Independence leads Educational Opportunities

Being free means being able to change the world, and we can proudly say that our independence provides us an opportunity to create more positive change every day.

Our country went through several changes, whether positive or negative.  While Filipinos won several battles for independence, the fight isn’t over. Liberation from colonization paved the way for Filipinos to be more aware and knowledgeable. Thus, it ignited the beacon of light that is education.

As we know, during the Spanish occupation, Filipinos were deprived of freedom, and education was only for the privileged, whereas poor Filipinos had little formal education or none at all. However, this did not last long. Filipinos saw the weakness of education provided at the time. Indeed, it taught them how to read those times, yet instilled in their minds numerous false beliefs.

With eyes finally opened, Filipinos fought for sovereignty, for the independence of our nation. Also, our ancestors did not set aside to gain the freedom to provide equal opportunities for everyone. As we won our liberty hundreds of years ago, we also won the right to equality in education.

Without our freedom, Filipinos of this generation would not have the right to access education and opportunities. Although, it is undeniable that even in this time, less fortunate Filipinos find education only for the privileged. Therefore, our fight for freedom has not officially ended.

We are still in a battle to have equal access to education where underprivileged children would not have to think that education is only for those fortunate in life. As we continue to exercise our independence, we should not forget that part of it should shape the future of the next generation; thus, as we can both enjoy education for all and our independence. That is the only time we can say that we are finally victorious in attaining freedom. 

As Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “Without education and liberty, which are the soil and the sun of man, no reform is possible, no measure can give the result desired.”

The National Teachers College will continue to strive to provide Filipinos access to quality yet affordable education. NTC’s thrust is to bring forth Tanglaw: the light of knowledge to as many Filipinos as possible, so that many can liberate themselves from fear for them to achieve their ambition and pursue their passion.

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