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Amid   widespread despair brought about by the COVID -19   pandemic, there is HOPE!

Many people are becoming desperate and not a few are going through depression triggered by the effects of the current pandemic. This is not surprising because the adverse impact of the current dilemma can not be overemphasized.No sector of the society is spared by the wrath of the mysterious virus. Life is radically not the same as before the advent of this tribulation. People are thrown off –  track of their normal activities. Countless lost their jobs, their sources of livelihood, and many have depreciated income or diminished earning capacity. Students are pushed to trod an unfamiliar path toward their quest for the coveted education. The backlash is felt across all sectors of the society. Frustrating indeed!

While we continue joining hands in fighting the plague, let us not put our guards down in the pursuit of our goals and ambitions in life. Verily, the current situation is a distraction, a big one at that toward the realization of our dreams. Nonetheless, it could be overcome.

We must not lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, i.e., the fulfillment of our ambitions and goals in life.

Let us fight more resolutely now, more than ever. Our determination to succeed must not waver a bit. Increase our industry while diminishing our worry. Avoid further distractions or obstructions toward success such as activities without visible benefits. Vices and overindulgence to social media and gadgets are examples. Responsible and beneficial use of social media is a must.

More importantly, let us nurture our faith whatever that is we have. The power of prayers has been proven on countless times.

Set your goal, work for it, be determined, have faith and SUCCESS inevitably comes amid despair and hardship.

God Bless.

The Hon. Priscilla J. Baltazar-Padilla is an alumna of the National Teachers College Basic Education Department. She is the class valedictorian both in high school and elementary. She was also a recipient of Most Outstanding Alumna of NTC during the institution’s 75th Founding Anniversary.

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