The school year 2020 – 2021 and 2021 – 2022 is the hardest for students, especially that they feel invalidated and overwhelm by the transition of education from traditional to remote learning. However, there still exists a digital divide in literacy. Students still have limited access to books, technology, and the internet despite the inclusivity schools provide. 

Due to the growing digital divide during the pandemic, our literacy rate becomes alarming, especially among primary and grade school students. Thus, the National Teachers College partners with Scholastics through the Prime English Program to increase literacy.

NTC assimilated Scholastics Prime English Program in Kinder to Grade 10 curriculum. Through this program, students will increase their reading comprehension and proficiency. Also, it will provide a personalized reading path aligned to students’ interests. With Prime English Program, NTC ensures that it will ignite students’ passion for reading fiction and non-fiction. 

The Prime English Program uses Literacy Pro that systematically and consistently measures students’ reading proficiency through engagement, instruction, and performance monitoring. Through this, teachers can address students’ literacy problems and help them enhance their reading skills.

Through this initiative, NTC bridges the literacy gap that the digital divide poses to students. Hence, students will have more access to books to enhance their skills in reading. Besides, it lessens the threat that students will be functional illiterate adults in the future.

In celebration of International Literacy Day, the National Teachers College encourages parents and students to develop a habit of sharing books, knowledge and learning to bridge the literacy gap.

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