Junior High School: A Worthwhile Experience

Transitioning from grade school to junior high is overwhelming because some of our friends moved out of the city while others enroll in a different school. Yet it is also exciting because we can gain new friends and new learnings. 

Junior High School is a new chapter that students need to unlock, and every year level has challenges in store. Thus, the National Teachers College provides Junior High School students a worthwhile experience. 

Being a junior high in National Teachers College will give you lots of opportunities to grow, excel, and enjoy. At NTC, junior high students develop a new perspective that helps them achieve their goals as they prepare for adulthood and track-focused learning in senior high. 

According to Leandro Del Pilar, Grade 8 student, “NTC helps me to become a better and responsible leader because when I entered high school, I  became the class president, group leader, and one of the KASAMA officers for S.Y. 2019-2020. Being a KASAMA officer made me more responsible because we have tasks to improve the Junior High School System. It honed my leadership skills and my quality as a role model. I learn to keep calm during stressful situations and multi-task, so NTC molded me to be a better student and a responsible leader.”

National Teachers College offers opportunities for leadership in each level which will help students learn and grow more as an individual. These leadership skills give them the chance to contribute to the development of the institution. Aside from that, NTC has a healthy competitive environment giving the best experience.

NTC also provides Education Service Contracting (ESC) Scheme to junior high students to help decongest the overcrowded public schools. 

With this, students gain equal educational privilege. Thus, NTC welcomes students from public grade school to junior high school with open arms through ESC. 

“Well, I chose NTC for my daughter to study at because she said that she wanted to be a teacher, so NTC is the first thing that I thought of. I was glad that my daughter also approves of studying there, and she is comfortable in NTC. I know the management. It is good, and the facilities are okay. Also, NTC has ESC grants that make it greater,” said Sheena Marie Cansino, a mother of a Grade 9 student.

The National Teachers College knows the needs and concerns of students and parents. NTC also gives junior high students a memorable experience as a youth yet prepares them to face the challenges of adulthood and a track-focused career.


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