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After graduation, the first thing that comes to our mind is to find a job. We want to kickstart our careers because we want to chase that success. However, some success is elusive, but there is a way you can be ahead of others through attaining your graduate degrees, especially if you kickstart your graduate studies in a premier school like the National Teachers College.

In NTC, students can earn their Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree in 18 months. It is through the Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) Program. NTC also guarantees students that the learning environment of Graduate School is toxic-free, fun, and frustration-free. Thus, students can balance their studies and work without worry.

According to Charina Shane Co, Master of Arts in Education major in English student, “I chose NTC not because it is my comfort zone, but because of how they manage to offer programs that are suited to different working individuals.”

While Joseph Ramiscal, Master of Arts in Education student, avouched, “NTC is flexible to their students. They value the differences of each student. In other schools, they experience burnout and other mental health issues due to overload in academic works. But NTC is more dynamic and is caring and considerate towards the situation of the students.”

Before Pandemic and all the changes in education happened, NTC’s Graduate School of Teacher Education classes already had synchronous and self-paced learning that allowed students to manage their studies better. Thus, students can choose what, where, and when they study. 

Apart from that, NTC incorporated LinkedIn Learning into its curriculum, allowing students to earn micro-credentials while attaining their graduate degrees. LinkedIn Learning integrated into the curriculum upskills students to be competent and updated into the latest trends in every industry.

“I took my Master’s in NTC to upskill my research knowledge. I know that NTC can help me sharpen my skills, and based on what I heard, NTC is great at it. To borrow Cynthia Villar’s famous word, ‘NTC is baliw na baliw sa research.’ Aside from that, I enrolled in NTC to be updated on the latest trends in education and be competent enough to compete with my fellow teachers in education. I also want to impart my new knowledge to my students,” added Ramiscal.

However, some students worry about their finances, especially that committing to graduate studies also needs a serious financial commitment. For this reason, NTC partnered with Bukas to provide tuition installment plans designed to be flexible and affordable. Thus, making graduate education within your reach and jumpstarting your career.

“I took my Master’s in NTC because I heard good reviews from my friends and co-teachers who are studying here. I like that you get a quality education at an affordable price,” Genevive Karen Dumayas, Master of Arts in Special Education student. 

Apart from that, Charina Co expressed, “For me, taking masters, in general, is a huge step. Some teachers cannot take it, as it not only consumes time but there are financial worries and efforts that we have to consider, too. However, at NTC, like their motto: Power of Choice, students have the power to choose their learning path with guidance recognizing prior learning. I think that of all, it is the best. The Low Cost of tuition fees is also one of the best things offered in NTC as they offer installment plans through Bukas that allow students to ease financial expenses. 

With this, students receive peace of mind, and it allows them to focus on their studies without worrying about their financial burden. Besides, NTC knows the needs of their students, thus, named as one of the only four awardees in the 2020 Ayala Innovation Excellence Awards for its Graduate School Distance Learning Provide. 

Hence, in NTC, you can ensure that you will have quality education because NTC always provides a meaningfully different approach that provides a credible path towards the development of nation-building. Aside from that, NTC always produces education professionals who can apply their knowledge and skills, demonstrate their expertise, establish linkages that facilitate the building and strengthening of professional learning communities, promote a culture of innovation in schools and other related institutions, and train other professionals to transform their own learning space.

NTC Graduate School of Teacher Education offers a Doctor of Education major in Educational Leadership, Master of Arts in Education, and Master of Arts in Counseling.

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Visit this link to know more about admission information: https://ntc.edu.ph/admission-info/

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