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Message From the President: Our Way Forward in 2021

Dear NTC Community,

We hope that you had a restful Christmas break with your families, and that you are all safe and healthy. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you back to the start of our Second Semester on January 18. We are happy to put 2020 behind us and looking forward to a much better and brighter 2021 for the NTC community.

The recent developments with the vaccines are indeed excellent news for all of us. However, their roll out will take quite some time, and we should not let our guards down in our battle to beat COVID-19.

As we chart our way forward in 2021, we need to remain focused on bouncing back and achieving our mission to Enable Access to Success for all. We remain committed to providing accessible quality education that is responsive to our stakeholders’ needs and situations, despite the pandemic.

Adapt While Adhering to Guiding Principles

The key to this is to continuously adapt to COVID – 19, while at the same time steadfastly adhering to our Guiding Principles. These principles provided the overall framework for our First Semester of SY 2020-2021:

Alagang NTC:

Compassion drove the implementation of our Academic Easing Policies last semester. We also worked closely with our Student Government, student organizations and employee groups to implement our Bayanihan Program and help those most in need. We also reduced miscellaneous fees and introduced an extended payment program to help our NTC families adjust to the new economic realities. We enrolled all students and employees in Konsulta MD, a facility that allows members to consult about any health concerns via telephone. By enforcing strict health protocols within our institution, we were able to ensure that NTC remains a safe place for our employees to work.

Maximum Choice:

NTC is committed to offering every student various pathways to meet his/her own needs, based on each one’s realities, capabilities, resources and dispositions. Student were given the option to either take a complete break right after the typhoon calamities, or to continue their studies, depending on their preferences.

Maximum Leniency:

We believe that all forms of reasonable consideration must be extended to both learners and teachers during these extraordinary times. We strove to help our learners cope with their struggles so that they can continue to make progress in their journey to success, by extending deadlines for Module 2 and 3 deliverables, and reducing the deliverables for Module 3. Our teachers were also requested to be as lenient as possible with all our learners.

Going forward in 2021, we will continue to adapt, and will introduce several key new initiatives for the Second Semester. The outcomes of our student evaluations, faculty surveys, and meetings with student representatives before the end of the First Semester, enabled the Academic Council to design Second Semester learning experiences with the following features:

Maximum Choice:

  • 3×3 Course Programming – The Second Semester curriculum will offer a maximum of three courses in each of the three cycles or periods. This model enables teachers to redesign modules to focus on the few but truly essential reading materials and assessments. In the event that limited face-to-face learning is allowed by the government, this model will also help manage the number of students on campus.
  • Enhanced Teacher Responsiveness – A separate set of guidelines on how students can better reach their teachers for learning support will be issued regardless of modality.
  • Employment Readiness – With our employment partners’ help, a wide variety of remote and virtual OJT and apprenticeship opportunities will be offered this semester. Online career planning and employment fairs will also be provided, to help our students to adapt to today’s new hiring environment.

Connecting Passion with Ambition

We will also be introducing a major new initiative, Connecting Passion with Ambition, which we strongly believe will enhance our students’ engagement and learning capacity, and thus their probability of success with their life ambitions.

We will introduce the same program for our employees to enable them to pursue their passions while at work to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Essential to our plan is understanding more deeply, the passions and ambitions of our students and employees. We will then develop programs to connect their curiosities and interests with their learning and working experiences in school, and bridge these with their hopes and dreams in life. In a nutshell, we will enable our students and employees to integrate their special talents, interests, and hobbies with their academic and career goals, which will strengthen their access to success.

As part of this initiative, we will be working closely with the Student Government, and our student and employee organizations, to strengthen our Alagaan ang NTC initiatives, especially the House Cup, and to expand our existing Alagang NTC programs.

We cannot thank enough our many student and employee leaders, for all their engagement in coming up with so many new ideas and suggestions on how to make our plans and objectives come alive.

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As we begin 2021, let us collectively exercise our Power of Choice.

Let us choose to make the most of our situation.

Let us choose to learn from each other.

Let us continue to strive to be the best that we can be.

And most importantly, let us continue to always be there for each other.

Wala tayong hindi kakayanin basta sama-sama nating haharapin ang lahat bilang isang Pamilyang NTC.

Alfredo I. Ayala
National Teachers College
January 14, 2021

Your Passion and Ambition,
Our Mission.

No matter who you are, we will help you achieve the best version of yourself.

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