NTC cares about your Mental Health

NTC cares about your Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted our mental health, particularly students. The changes in the students’ learning environment and systems overwhelm them and trigger their anxieties and depression. Coping with changes during these times is more of a challenge to them compared to before. 

Indeed, our 2020 and 2021 are difficult times, and we continuously fight this unseen foe as we also fight another invisible enemy that is often in our heads. Yet, the National Teachers College is our ally in providing mental health support for all and making it more a reality for students. 

The National Teachers College understands that mental health support is crucial in the education of students. Moreover, NTC wants to empower students to look after their Mental Health and provide support to others. Also, NTC desires to increase awareness about mental health issues and help people have conversations that are often the first step towards getting help.

Thus, NTC wants you to know that depression is only one of students’ common mental health issues. However, having depression is not a sign of weakness. Often students who have depression experienced the following:

  • loss of energy
  • change in appetite
  • reduce concentration
  • anxiety
  • indecisiveness
  • restlessness
  • feeling or worthliness
  • guilt
  • helplessness
  • thoughts of self-harm and suicide

People with healthy mental states also manifest energy loss, change in appetite, lower concentration, and indecisiveness, but it does not mean that everyone who feels it is healthy. Thus, we have to learn more about their feelings and emotions because both can be valid. 

Moreover, we have to listen to them because their illness is not an imagination or lack of faith. It is as real as cancer, pneumonia, TB, and Covid-19 despite being invisible. 

Thus, we have to understand that not everyone who is smiling is okay. We have to put ourselves into their shoes before we judge them. We have to make them feel that help is available for them and their life is worth living. 

If someone is suffering from depression and anxiety, the National Teachers College – Guidance is open for conversation and support. NTC believes that students’ well-being is important as they strive to achieve their passion and ambition.

If there is something bothering you, in need of guidance, or just want someone to talk to; please do not be afraid to consult with any of our Guidance Counselors. We are happy to assist with your concerns as best as we could.

You can reach us through these platforms for your questions and concerns:

Email: guidance@ntc.edu.ph

Facebook account: Guidance Ntc

Facebook page: Guidance Office- National Teachers College

Mobile# 09166827484 (College);09179688849 (Elem. Dept) 09362960738 (Junior & Senior High School Dept.)

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