The National Teacher College has collaborated with the Office of International Affairs and ASEAN Network (IAAN) to select four distinguished NTC students as delegates to represent the institution at the 8th Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (BSRU) ASEAN+3 Youth Camp 2024. This initiative is the first of its kind for undergraduate students and aims to promote internationalization. The eight-day event will take place from January 13th to January 20th, 2024, and will revolve around the theme of “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity for Sustainable Development to Future Prosperity.” It promises to be an enriching experience for the delegates.

NTC also stands proudly as one of the only two higher education institutions in the Philippines to receive an invitation to a prestigious event centered on global education and cultural integration. This event brings together 16 universities from Southeast Asia to discuss and explore various issues related to education, culture, and their impact on society. NTC’s participation in this event also highlights its commitment to providing students with comprehensive and globally relevant education and its dedication to fostering cultural understanding and integration.

Moreover, NTC takes great pride in its students, and this collaboration provides a unique opportunity for them to engage with diverse cultures, share their expertise, and foster a sense of unity among ASEAN countries. As Asst. Prof. Gilmore Gorembalem, the Faculty Chaperone from the School of Teacher Education, expresses, “I look forward to meeting and working with people coming from different walks of life – being able to share myself and my identity as a Filipino, and being able to understand and embrace one’s diversity and be united with these people as one community.”

NTC is sending a dynamic delegation comprising Kaurrie Chynd Apacible Talastas, President of the NTC Student Government and a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in Science, Joyce Ann Agrabio Reyes, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, and Jervis Jan Clarence Machon, a Bachelor of Physical Education student. Each delegate brings a unique perspective and anticipations for the ASEAN+3 Youth Camp.

Kaurrie Chynd Apacible Talastas, the President of the NTC Student Government, shares her expectations: “I anticipate gaining profound insights into the intricate dimensions of multiculturalism and its practical integration into daily existence. Concurrently, I aim to effectively articulate and represent my Filipino identity.”

On the other hand, Joyce Ann Agrabio Reyes, a student of Hospitality Management, envisions the ASEAN Youth Camp 2024 as a dynamic platform for aspiring professionals in the hospitality industry. She believes that this platform will provide an opportunity for them to exchange ideas, enhance their skills, and foster cross-cultural understanding within the context of hospitality management.

Jervis Jan Clarence Machon, a future educator, believes the camp will provide significant insights into developing social and communication skills, leadership, and learning. He looks forward to engaging and interacting with fellow Asians, exchanging ideas, knowledge, and stories to foster better communal spirit, friendship, and understanding.

The 8th BSRU ASEAN+3 Youth Camp 2024 aims to distribute the Thai language and culture, appreciate the diversity of culture among ASEAN countries, and maintain close ties with collaborating academic institutes. The diverse activities, including language learning, cultural performances, sightseeing, and exhibitions, align with the theme of “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity for Sustainable Development to Future Prosperity.”

The key activities at the camp include Cultural Ice-breaking, Academic Service, the Mini ASEAN+3 Conference, Study Tour, and discussions on exchange programs. These activities aim to enhance cultural understanding, academic immersion, and the exchange of ideas among ASEAN+3 participants.

As NTC proudly joins hands with BSRU for this youth camp, it reinforces its commitment to providing students with holistic learning experiences that transcend borders. The National Teachers College delegation is set to make a significant impact, showcasing not only their talents but also the rich cultural diversity and educational excellence that the institution represents.

NTC, a premier institution under a Yuchengco-Ayala educational partnership, ensures that Filipinos will have access to quality education at a reasonable cost.

NTC Partnered with experts in remote learning to ensure the effective delivery of its remote learning. These include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-JWEL which works with member organizations to promote excellence and transformation in education to address global opportunities for scalable change in education; Mapua University, one of the pioneers in distance learning, has been continuously improving learning connectivity online even before ECQ; Derrick Latrielle ran learning and development operations for blue-chip technology, telecommunications, and BPO companies operating around the world, especially in South America and Southeast Asia; and, Dr. Edizon Fermin is a member of CHED’s Technical Working Group on Remote Learning.

NTC’s learning continuity plan is clear: stay safe at home and learn meaningfully with assistance from our responsive remote staff, either through calls, texts, social media messages, or emails. The world may have changed drastically, but NTC’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education remains steadfast.

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