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NTC Fosters Inclusivity for Differently-abled

Each of us has passion and ambition; however, some are discouraged because they have limitations. They feared the eyes of a society that doubted their capabilities. Yet, differently-abled persons have their kind of greatness, like Stephen Hawking. He was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 but became one of the renowned theoretical physicists and astrophysicists. 

However, the pandemic exacerbated inequities in education for differently-abled persons, such as lack of support during classes, administrative support during admission and enrollment, and difficulties in comprehending educational materials. That is why some students with disabilities are discouraged from continuing their studies during this pandemic. 

Meanwhile, the National Teachers College encourages differently-abled students to continue and pursue their passion and ambition. They do not need to fear or worry about their inclusion because NTC supports them during their enrollment and in their classes.

NTC has assistive administrators who guide students during their applications and payment, especially students with visual impairments. Moreover, NTC fosters an inclusive culture responding to the urgent needs of people with disabilities in all aspects of education during the pandemic. 

Also, teachers provide support to students through inclusivity in class, such as providing them opportunities to create and recognize their accomplishments. 

Apart from that, NTC uses materials that suit students’ achievement and strategies that prompt them to participate and engage despite their limitations. NTC believes that we should support differently-abled persons to create equal opportunities for education since they are also our partners for development and nation-building. 

NTC envisions itself as a leading academic institution for the development of all levels of education anchored on the ideals of excellence, relevance, access, and effectiveness geared towards national productivity and world-class competitiveness. Therefore, NTC promotes the rights and well-being of differently-abled people in education so they can participate fully, equally, and effectively in a society with others.

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