The National Teachers College (NTC) and the Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) strengthened their partnership by providing students with opportunities to continue their studies led by Mr. Fred Ayala, President of NTC, and Mr. Keiichi Matsunaga, General manager of MC Manila Branch last January 23, 2023 (Monday) at the Ayala Tower 2.

After two years of remote meetings, the scholars finally met their benefactors face-to-face and expressed their gratitude through a short message, recalling how Mitsubishi helped them stay in school and continue their studies.

As NTC continues to give importance to education in nation-building, they find it significant to partner with the Mitsubishi Corporation, which engages consistently in various public with its new local slogan: Life Made better. With this affiliation, NTC and Mitsubishi Corporation create an impactful partnership that drives students to achieve their ambition and gives them a chance to experience the joy of quality education.

Grace Gesalta, a 4th-year BSED student and one of the Mitsubishi Corporation Internation Scholarship Recipients, stated, “I am from Leyte. I went to Manila to try my luck and studied at NTC. My parents do
not have a regular income. My mother is a laundress, and my father is a farmer. I am thankful to the Mitsubishi Corporation for the opportunity to achieve my goals in life. I am one semester away from graduation, and soon, I will be a professional teacher.”

Anjehaila Porito, a 3rd-year BSED student, also shared, “My parents were retrenched from work due to the pandemic. Our family suffered financially at the height of the pandemic because we had no source of income. I planned to drop my subjects at the time, but fortunately, I saw an announcement about the application for Mitsubishi Scholarship, so I tried to apply, and luckily, I had the chance to be part of the program. I was grateful to the Mitsubishi Corporation for giving me this chance to continue my studies.”

Gesalta and Porito are among the ten International Scholars of Mitsubishi Corporation continuing their dreams at the National Teachers College. Their gratitude and dedication to education show how the synergy between NTC and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is able to make a change and bring opportunities to students.

Thus, with the help of the valuable partners of NTC, like the Mitsubishi Corporation, students can continue to achieve their ambition and experience the joy of quality education without worrying about how they can make ends meet.

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