NTC Values the Right to Education

NTC values the right for Education

These recent years, we have been coping with the pandemic, and resolving existing issues became more difficult due to the impact of Covid, especially on the rights for education. UNESCO reported that 90% of the world’s students are affected. Thus, 1.54 billion students are out of school. Moreover, the pandemic aggravates the vulnerability of those who are already disadvantaged.

Despite these challenges that students faced, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. The National Teachers College paves the way for every student to have access to education through the ESC grant for Junior High School and Voucher Program for Senior High School. Meanwhile, College students can apply for various scholarships. Through these imperatives, students can continue their studies and have equal opportunities in education as part of their rights. 

If we deprive children of their right to learn and achieve their passion and ambition, we are depriving them of equal dignity and rights. Thus, NTC also provides inclusivity for differently-abled students. They are encouraged to pursue their aspirations despite their limitations.

In NTC, students are all equal and have the freedom to choose how they should continue their studies because NTC provides two learning modalities: correspondence (modular) or online learning, particularly for college students. Thus, NTC can reduce inequalities in terms of accessibility since most students do not have or have limited internet access. 

Also, NTC greatly believes that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights. Thus, we must not deprive the youth of their right to equal education and advance human rights as we reduce inequalities in all aspects of life. 

Thus, The National Teachers College celebrates Human Rights day with encouragement that we should give each other equal rights and opportunities for every child who wishes to achieve their passion and ambition. 

Click HERE to learn more about NTC’s Program:https://ntc.edu.ph/programs/ 

Apply now at: https://bit.ly/3miTXpY

Visit this link to know more about admission information: https://ntc.edu.ph/admission-info/

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