ML Hero Elvira Factor

Meet our Mobile Learning Hero, Ms. Elvira Factor, Basic Education Academic Coordinator, and Teacher

Superpower: I am flexible and strong to face anything that comes into my way with optimism, strength, and grace. I have to ensure that my tasks as an academic coordinator are delivered with passion, and I will conquer every obstacle that comes my way.

As an academic coordinator, Ms. Elvira always does her responsibility with eagerness, diligence, and resilience. She always gives 100 percent of her strength and abilities to fulfill her job. Ms. Elvira also ensures that any activities or challenges are appropriately dealt with to bring a positive work and school environment. Most of all, she acknowledges and considers her limitations and others so she can be the best version of herself. 

With this in mind, she ensures that she can address all the concerns of students, parents, teachers, and school administrators timely and provides them guidance, encouragement, and motivation to achieve their goals and ambition. 

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