Perseverance of a Tanglaw

Perseverance of a Tanglaw

Life is hard, but with perseverance and hard work, we can surpass life’s challenges. Ruth Bayanat, Cum laude, and Gawad Haraya 2021 Awardee proved that we could surmount any problems thrown at us. 

Ruth came to a family with meager earnings, and with only enough to survive a day, her mother had to sell clothes and chicharron. However, it was still not enough to send them to school, so she had to work as a call center agent while studying. 

Due to her work, she can send herself to a well-known university in Manila, where she took a course in Business Management. However, when her income turned inadequate to pay all her bills, Ruth decided to stop. 

Ruth recalled, “Simula elementary hanggang high school nasa public school ako, at dahil sa pagtratrabaho naipasok ko ang aking sarili sa private school. Naging mag-aaral ako sa isang kilalang unibersidad sa Maynila kung saan kumuha ako ng kursong Bachelor of Science in Accountancy major in Business Management, ngunit nahinto rin ako sa pag-aaral dahil sa taas ng tuition fee. Hindi na sapat yung kinikita ko sa call center kaya huminto na ako. Taong 2017 naman, pumasok ako sa NTC bilang first year, sa ikalawang semestre. Naging Academic Scholar noong SY 2018 -2019 at nakasama ako bilang CHED Tertiary Education Subsidy grantee.”

Yet, Ruth still held on to her perseverance to earn a degree that was why in 2017, in the second semester, she pursued her studies again at the National Teachers College. She also became an Academic Scholar and a CHED Tertiary Education Subsidy grantee, which helped her to make both ends meet.

According to Ruth, “For some, earning your own money is a most real thing as a working student, but my motivation to earn a bachelor’s degree was more important. I already endured so much to give myself a better life – education. I believe that more opportunities are waiting after college.”

Thus, her motivation grew stronger,  and her dreams became more realistic in NTC, although she had to quit her job in her 3rd year of study. Ruth had little savings to support her remaining years in college. Nonetheless, NTC helped her to continue and pursue her studies. Students like Ruth who had previous balances can enroll and continue with equity.

“I quit my job as a call center agent and had little savings to support my remaining years in college. Then the pandemic happened everything changed in an instant. It became difficult for me to pay my tuition fee, but NTC gives students a chance to enroll even with outstanding balances from the previous semesters. NTC also made sure that everyone can still get accessible learning through virtual classes,” said Ruth. 

NTC did only not helped Ruth fare in her studies but also in life. She learned to believe in herself and have more perseverance despite the hurdles in life. Her teachers’ encouragement helped her developed her full potential. Apart from that, her undying hard work and perseverance yielded a positive result.

As Ruth seeks a greater opportunity in life, she said, “NTC helps me to develop my full potential, and my teachers encourage me to face life’s challenges so I can have a brighter and better future. I will bring all my learnings from NTC as I seek a job, and it will be my guide to be the best.”

NTC is an institution where students’ ambition matters. It always guides students to the path of success, especially to those who have the burning passion and ambition to be great. 

NTC, a premier institution under a Yuchengco-Ayala educational partnership, ensures that Filipinos will have access to quality education at a reasonable cost.

NTC Partnered with experts in remote learning to ensure the effective delivery of its remote learning. These include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-JWEL who works with member organizations to promote excellence and transformation in education to address global opportunities for scalable change in education; Mapua University, one of the pioneers in distance learning, has been continuously improving learning connectivity online even before ECQ; Derrick Latrielle ran learning and development operations for blue-chip technology, telecommunications, and BPO companies operating around the world, especially in South America and Southeast Asia; and, Dr. Edizon Fermin is a member of CHED’s Technical Working Group on Remote Learning.

NTC’s learning continuity plan is clear: stay safe at home and learn meaningfully with assistance from our responsive remote staff, either through calls, texts, social media messages, or emails. The world may have changed drastically, but NTC’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education remains steadfast.

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