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After graduation, competition between graduates to find a job becomes tight, especially during the pandemic. Demand for employees is scarce, so graduates need to be one step ahead of their competitors. Thus, the National Teachers College and Ayala Education partnered to bridge the gap between the academe and industry through the Professional Employment Program (PEP).

PEP provides industry-aligned activities helping students to be ready for their careers. Therefore, solving the problems of skill mismatch among graduates who want to have a great career. 

With this in mind, NTC and Ayala Education partnered to embed PEP into its curriculum, so most of the students in SY 2021 -2022 will have experiential learning in their final semester. It places students in a professional work environment where workforce development trainers will train and help them develop real skills. 

The students experience real work situations in which they work with computers, dress for work, and do work-related things. Aside from that, trainers provide students with work-related challenges in which students lack information. Thus, they learn to find solutions and produce projects. 

Moreover, the workforce development trainers looked into the outcome that students have, which they use to evaluate against work-standard. It also helps them to assess whether or not the projects and outputs are good in the industry. Hence, they work with their trainees from the start of the program until the end of the tracking period. 

Apart from that, the work and partnership between the facilitator and trainees aligned to their target industry. Accordingly, ensuring the students’ exposure to the partners through several activities within the program, such as learning with the industry sessions, career talks, employer testimonials, and special recruitment activities. 

The service sectors’ requirements align with PEP’s design, 33% of the graduates hold positions in finance, banking, and accounting. While another 33% have IT-BPM jobs (voice, non-voice, and technical jobs like engineering), and the remaining graduates have different jobs across different sectors. 

Thus, PEP delivers high returns of trainees who develop key features that make them stand out in the labor market. Aside from that, PEP graduates are more likely to be hired and have a higher salary than non-PEP. 

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