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The National Teachers College offers a flexible K-6 program that’s accessible to all.

Welcome to the
K-6 Program

The National Teachers College offers a flexible K-6 program that’s accessible to all, developing young children to be holistic learners.

At National Teachers College, your choice and voice matter. Continue learning through the modality that matches your needs and lifestyle. Be it face-to-face, fully online, modular learning, or a combination of these, we will nurture your passion in our HyFlex Learning environment.


We offer Kinder education for those who are at least five years old. Our mission is to develop confident and independent learners who are well-prepared for their next stage of schooling, discover their talents, and help them enhance these talents.


Our Elementary Department implements the K-12 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum for Grade I to Grade VI, to produce holistically developed graduates who are ready to take on secondary education.

Kinder and Elementary Fees


Basic Education Officials

Mr. Fidel C. Soriano

JHS Academic Coordinator
Mr. Ray Albert Pagsuyuin

SHS Academic Coordinator
Ms. Princess Jesusa B. Hampac

K-6 Academic Coordinator
Ms. Elvira Factor

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At The National Teachers College, we believe learning should be a joyful journey that begins from a young age and continues throughout a person’s life. We commit to excellence through a joyful, progressive K-12 program. We also create a learning environment that is welcoming, fosters a culture of mutual respect, and encourages students to explore and succeed as they prepare for the next phase of education.

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