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The National Teachers College offers a Senior High School program that’s accessible to all.

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Welcome to the Senior High School Program

The National Teachers College offers a Senior High School program that’s accessible to all, developing young children to be holistic learners as they prepare for tertiary education or a career path.

At National Teachers College, your choice and voice matter. Continue learning through the modality that matches your needs and lifestyle. Be it face-to-face, fully online, modular learning, or a combination of these, we will nurture your passion in our HyFlex Learning environment.

Our Senior High School Department offers various tracks, including ABM, HUMSS, STEM, and ICT.


ABM – provides real life applications of lessons from its competent teachers. During F2F, ABM students are immersed in different work offices (inside and outside the campus)


HUMSS – Competent teachers provide experiential learning, project based activities or tasks in order for the students to develop their critical, creative and analytical thinking; communication skills and human/social awareness. Students are deployed to different public and private institutions in line with their choice for education, criminology, psychology, mass communication and law.


STEM – Competent teachers provide real life applications, localized and home based samples, and adequate research project skills to enable them conduct experiments, acquire scientific skills and be able to face scientific problems effectively. During F2F, STEM students are deployed to public or government agencies (eg. DPWH, Maynilad) which gives initial experience as Engineers, Biologists, and private offices for Medicine.


ICT – provides different specializations for each semester to make sure that essential majorships will help them prepare for college (Visual Graphics, Animation and Computer Programming). ICT Laboratory serves as its facility to enhance IT skills of students through the lessons and hands on tasks provided by competent teachers.

No Child Should Be Left Behind

As a whole, these four strands offerings do adapt to the changes of the time like for this year, still giving experiential learning while making sure that ALL students, whether with internet connectivity, with limited or no connectivity will experience quality education even at this pandemic. Tuloy lang ang laban!

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Senior High School Fees


Basic Education Officials

Mr. Fidel C. Soriano

JHS Academic Coordinator
Mr. Ray Albert Pagsuyuin

SHS Academic Coordinator
Ms. Princess Jesusa B. Hampac

K-6 Academic Coordinator
Ms. Elvira Factor

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At The National Teachers College, we believe learning should be a joyful journey that begins from a young age and continues throughout a person’s life. We commit to excellence through a joyful, progressive K-12 program. We also create a learning environment that is welcoming, fosters a culture of mutual respect, and encourages students to explore and succeed as they prepare for the next phase of education.

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