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The NTC Graduate School of Teacher Education (GSOTE) Program envisions itself as the Standard Bearer of the Institution dedicated to the development of academicians who manifest high performance in the exercise of the noblest, the most dignified, and the best loved-profession-TEACHING. It also commits to being a premier school for advanced studies for innovative institutional managers and leaders who are committed to a culture of excellence in education, research, and service. We are the pioneering and largest private Graduate Teacher Education program in the Philippines.

  • Classes for the Graduate School of Teacher Education are conducted online, where you have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions allowing you to better manage your graduate studies.  
  • GSOTE can help you finish your graduate program in 18 months via our Recognition of Prior Learning Program (RPL). 
  • GSOTE curriculum is infused with Linked-In Learning allowing you to earn micro-credentials while you achieve your graduate degree so that you can get ahead of the rest. 
  • You can be part of the country’s largest private graduate education program, named as one of the only four awardees at the 2020 Ayala Innovation Excellence Awards. NTC provides a meaningfully differentiated approach that provides a credible path towards sustained impact to its students and graduates in aid of nation-building through quality and affordable education.

Program Offerings


Doctor of Education

As the global information economy evolves, organizations are becoming increasingly changing,

New Project 21

MAED English

This program gears towards the pedagogical application of theoretical principles derived from…


MAED Filipino

The MAED in Filipino focuses on the pedagogical application of the theories and principles culled…

New Project 23


MAEd major in Library and Information Science



The program provides teachers further knowledge, skills and training in Special Education Curriculum.


MAED Educational Management

The Master of Arts in Education, major in Educational Management is designed for…


MAED Early Childhood Education

The Master of Arts in Education, major in Early Childhood Education is designed for educators…


MAED Basic Education

The program provides teachers further knowledge, skills and training in the teaching of the five major…


Graduate Program – MAC

The NTC counseling program aims to enhance further the total personal and professional growth…

doctor education

MAED Technology and Home Management

It provides curriculum activities that train teachers to become effective trainers in Technology and Home Management in all levels of instruction.


Graduate Program-MAEd

The National Teachers College is a private institution that offers graduate level degrees in education for educators and school managers.


MAED Social Science Education

The program aims to develop educators in the basic education and college level who are competent in teaching methodology and social science content.


MAED Science Education

This program embodies the school’s commitment to improve the teaching of science in Basic and Tertiary Education Levels.

New Project 21

MAED Physical Education

The Master of Arts in Education, major in Physical Education is designed for educators who are…


MAED Mathematics

This program aims to develop mathematics educators in the basic education and college level…

The Graduate Teacher Education Program produces education professionals who are ADEPT.

Apply relevant knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills essential to the practice of education, research, and community service.
Demonstrate expertise in designing and delivering curriculum and instruction provisions.
Establish linkages that facilitate the building and strengthening of professional learning communities.
Promote a culture of innovation in schools and other related institutions.
Train other professionals to transform their own learning spaces.

Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE)
Philippine Association for Graduate Education (PAGE)

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Masteral Fees
Doctoral Fees

Graduate School of Teacher Education Officials

Dean – School of Teacher Education (SOTE)
Dr. Ferdinand B. Pitagan

Program Head for Graduate School of Teacher Education
Prof. Charise Mae Soriano

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The National Teachers College is one of the country’s pioneers in higher education training. Our graduate programs will help you reach your highest potential as we emphasize research and leadership and school management. Through our School of Teacher Education, you will be better equipped to take your career to the next level and contribute further to educational institutions in and out of the Philippines.

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