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Program Offerings:

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management
  • BS Business Administration major in Human Resources Management
  • BS Business Administration major in Operations Management
  • BS Business Administration major in Financial Management
  • BS Office Administration
  • BS Hospitality Management
  • BS Tourism Management

Welcome to the School of Business

The School of Business offers business, accountancy, office administration, hospitality management, and tourism management. The school will help you conquer your fears. Our curriculum is infused with real-life scenarios that enable our students to practice what they have learned in the classroom.

NTC’s School of Business commits itself to establish an environment that is conducive to learning, create a fusion of theories and real-life scenarios, be updated on changing times using available resources of the institution, and produce the leaders of tomorrow.

Here at NTC’s School of Business… We produce exceptional business professionals for the society.

The NTC School of Business can help you become adept in the business world through its innovate programs:

  • Business Education from School to Employment: students are trained and hired within 90 days after graduation!
  • Industry partnership for actual or virtual student immersion program.
  • Professors are seasoned industry practitioners in their specialized field.
  • Business education powered by SAP, a widely used business computer module globally 
  • Industry-driven business curricula.
  • International Student Practicum is available.
  • Private HEI with affordable quality business education. 
  • Our Accountancy Program includes a comprehensive In-house Review and our BSA graduates occupy top company positions, including other business programs. 
  • Our Hospitality and Tourism Management Program provides exceptional hotel and tourism simulation facilities (SEDA Mock Hotel Rooms and state-of-the-art kitchen and cafe). The HTM Program is also one of the first to showcase HTM laboratory alternatives during Covid-19 and is powered by Hotel Management System (HMS) on Cloud – a recent computer module used in the industry.

Program Offerings



BS Accountancy Program helps its graduates acquire skills and knowledge that can turn them into highly sought-after finance professionals who can work across teams and in strategic, diverse roles.

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Business and Office Administration

BS Business Administration and BS Office Administration Programs let its graduates be globally competitive in business through the help of seasoned industry practitioners.


Hospitality and Tourism Management

BS Accountancy Program helps its graduates acquire skills and knowledge that can turn them into highly sought-after finance professionals who can work across teams and in strategic, diverse roles.

No matter who you are, we will help you achieve your best personal vision of yourself.

We are student-focused, strive to understand your aspirations. At NTC, your passion will fuel your ambition which is our mission.

  • Interest-driven curricula and activities. Our course offerings and topics cater to students’ personal interests through tasks, assessments, capstone/culminating activities, etc. enabling students to discover their different strengths and use their interests to broaden their horizons, making their education enjoyable, meaningful, and valuable beyond the diploma. Students learn better due to a learning approach that caters to their interests.
  • Provision of interest-based student activities. We have student-driven workshops and activities that integrate student interests, not just academics, where students can explore and deepen their passion.
  • A lot of exciting things are happening at NTC. Our interest-based events and contests, leadership training for student organization officers, learnings of which can be cascaded to their members, and community partnerships matching student needs and interests helps students exercise their passion while getting closer to their ambition.
    Students get to apply their interests in community-based projects that can help create a lasting and meaningful impact on the community.

NTC is backed up by experts to ensure effective delivery of learning. Click HERE to learn more about them.

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Tuition and Misc. Fees

Sample computation of tuition fee for College and CPTP
Sample computation of tuition fee for College and CPTP

School of Business Officials

Dean, School of Business
Dr. Dindo C. Inso

Program Head for Accountancy

Program Head for BSBA and BSOA
Prof. Maria Catherine I. Arboleda

Program Head for Hospitality and Tourism Management
Prof. Olivia L. Yosa

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At The National Teachers College, we believe learning should be a joyful journey that begins from a young age and continues throughout a person’s life. We commit to excellence through a joyful, progressive K-12 program. We also create a learning environment that is welcoming, fosters a culture of mutual respect, and encourages students to explore and succeed as they prepare for the next phase of education.

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