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Ready to pursue a dynamic career in law enforcement or criminal justice? 

Join us and become a professional in crime prevention, investigation, and justice. Apply now and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in criminology at the National Teachers College!

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Discover Your Path to Justice with a BS Criminology Degree at National Teachers College! 

Ready to embark on a career dedicated to upholding law and order? National Teachers College proudly presents its Bachelor of Science in Criminology program, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in the field of criminal justice. 

With experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a curriculum tailored to contemporary law enforcement’s demands, our program prepares you for various roles, from crime scene investigation to crime prevention and beyond. 

Join us at National Teachers College Manila and be part of the solution. Apply now and start your journey towards a rewarding career in criminology!

At the National Teachers College, your choice and voice matter. We will nurture your passion in our HyFlex Learning environment.

You can enjoy school-life balance with our manageable course loads allowing you to pursue your passion while achieving your ambition.

No matter who you are, we will help you achieve your best personal vision of yourself. We are student-focused, strive to understand your aspirations. At NTC, your passion will fuel your ambition which is our mission.

  • Interest-driven curricula and activities. Our course offerings and topics cater to students’ personal interests through tasks, assessments, capstone/culminating activities, etc. enabling students to discover their different strengths and use their interests to broaden their horizons, making their education enjoyable, meaningful, and valuable beyond the diploma. Students learn better due to a learning approach that caters to their interests.
  • Provision of interest-based student activities. We have student-driven workshop and activities that integrate student interests, not just academics, where students can explore and deepen their passion.
  • A lot of exciting things are happening at NTC. We have interest-based events and contests, leadership training for student organization officers, learnings of which can be cascaded to their members, and community partnerships matching student needs and interests.
    Students get to apply their interests in community-based projects that can help create a lasting and meaningful impact on the community.
Sample computation of tuition fee for College and CPTP
Sample computation of tuition fee for College and CPTP

School of Criminal Justice Officials

Dean – School of Criminal Justice Dr. Alicia T. Segundo

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