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School of Business: A School of Excellence

Nowadays, skills in management, business analysis, and marketing are in demand. In the coming years, expectations for employment from the school of business graduates increases. 

In regards to this, the National Teachers College – School of Business (SOB) chooses to provide educational developments and innovations with passion and commitment to create opportunities for business students. SOB contributes to the business education from school to employment, wherein students get trained and hired ninety – days after graduation.

According to Dr. Daisy H. Estrada, Dean of the School of Business, “The School of Business has chosen to place itself at the forefront of educational developments and innovations with the passionate commitment to finding unique ways to help business students continue their learning. We want to continue to create opportunities for all students to succeed.”

The School of Business also partnered with various industries to offer an actual or virtual student immersion program. It encourages students to experience and learn about the path they wish to take in the future. Apart from that, SOB has seasoned practitioner professors in their specialized field who teach industry-driven business curricula.

“SOB prides itself on its innovative and rich business curricula, placing a strong emphasis on working with all stakeholders, enabling business students to maximize their abilities, passions, ambitions, and academic potential,” added Dr. Estrada.

The Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) and Hotel Management System (HMS) powered SOB, a widely used business computer module globally. The School of Business also provides students with chrome books during learning engagements. It helps students to participate and focus on their studies. 

“As a student of Hospitality Management who can be part of the Hospitality Industry, I would like to say that SAP Business One is a positive addition to my awareness of how a business runs. It is such a privilege to be part of this experience. This advantage helps me know and understand how to gain more profits that can contribute to the growth of my future in an organization,” said Franzene Buenaventura, 2nd-year, BS Hospitality Management.

Apart from that, SOB provides an option for International Student Practicum, providing opportunities to students to live and work abroad as they build a global network. The School of Business also offers a comprehensive in-house review for BS Accountancy to help them with their board exam.

It is also the first to showcase a Hotel and Tourism Management Laboratory alternative during the pandemic of Covid-19. Aside from that, SOB provides an exceptional HTM simulation facility that helps students to gain real-life experience. 

Thereby, the National Teachers College – School of Business Heads, Faculty, and staff always ensure that each student receives a high quality and affordable business education along with intellectual nourishment. In particular, SOB highly commits to creating an equitable and sustainable future for every business student.

Last June 16, 2021, the School of Business received an award from FIT Academy in the 2021 Digital Innovation Convention for Education for being a top-performing organization in its first year of being part of the FIT Academy and making a major contribution in expanding its reach across the academe.

NTC School of Business offers Accountancy, Business Administration, Office Administration, Hospitality Management, and Tourism Management programs. 


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