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Senior High School Perks in NTC

Senior High School is the last two years in High School, where students are focused on their chosen tracks. It aims to prepare students for college and employment. However, the implementation of Senior High School overwhelms parents and students because of the additional years they both have to bear.

With this in regard, the National Teachers College understands the worries of parents and students, thereby giving students equal educational opportunities, growth, excellence, and a fun-loving environment.

In NTC, senior high students become holistic learners with values and a sense of identity, and confidence. As holistic learners, they are more capable of overcoming the demands and challenges of their everyday life, which is very important to succeed in their chosen careers. 

“NTC helps me to find the confidence of knowing that I would have the most forward-focused quality education. NTC is more than an educational institution. I knew from the start that in this school, I have leadership opportunities. My experiences as a senior high in NTC give me knowledge, skills, and confidence that I can make my world better,” said Margaret Madamba, Grade 12 ABM 

Senior High School in NTC provides lots of academic and personal opportunities because it is our goal to develop leaders and innovators in the academe and industry who can connect to and contribute to the world. 

Apart from that, NTC provides curricula infused with Linkedin Learning. Curriculum with LinkedIn learning provides an advancement on education and career since it offers various online courses with certificates. Through this, students gain new skills and knowledge they can use in their careers and further education.

NTC’s Senior High School also provides equal educational opportunities because they believe that students should not be left behind. Thus, NTC encourages students to enroll since they will be eligible for the SHS Voucher program. With their vouchers, choosing to pursue their track-focused senior high would be less of their problem. Considering the low fees and flexible payment options at NTC, access to quality education is within reach. 

Senior High School Voucher program is a financial aid wherein qualified SHS learners from participating private or non-DepEd public Senior High Schools received. NTC also provides assistance and guidance to uphold student choice in the  SHS Voucher Program. NTC facilitates students with SHS vouchers and provides career guidance programs and orientation about the voucher program.

“I chose NTC because I wanted a school that is both flexible and affordable, and that will give me a quality education. I was also interested in the quality of teachers available in NTC, and I met some of the great teachers who broaden my mind and help me get out of my comfort zone,” added Madamba. 

The National Teachers College always makes a difference to the students’ life and their community to be better. It has an innovative approach that nurtures students’ creativity and ability to interact and understand themselves and the world effectively. 

The National Teachers College may be a private institution, but it knows the value of education. The doors of NTC are always open for those students who aspire to be successful in life. Thus, NTC will guide you in your chosen track whether it’s in ABM, HUMMS, ICT, or STEM. It is because we value your passion and ambition.

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