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The National Teachers College strives to be the standard bearer for the development of the next generation of competent, socially responsible teachers in the Philippines. We offer quality undergraduate programs and advanced studies at the College of Education. We also provide special programs, including:

LET Review

We help our graduates ace the licensure exam for teachers with our comprehensive LET Review program. This program, conducted by seasoned instructors, covers general education, professional education, and areas of specialization.

Mock Board Exams

To make sure our students are ready for LET, we facilitate mock board exams. We evaluate the scores of our students, and from there, we continue to teach them in areas where they need to improve.

Summer Programs

For Education students who want to catch up or gain extra credits, we offer various summer programs.


The development of our students happens outside the classroom, too. We facilitate seminars that can boost their theoretical knowledge, practical skills, or instructional techniques before they graduate. 

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It is our unwavering mission to offer compelling academic programs and training for aspiring teachers, to improve the quality of education in the Philippines in general and to make sure that future teachers are anchored on the ideals of dedication and excellence. Our special programs are here to boost such efforts.

Improve your instructional techniques or prepare better for LET through our special programs.

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