The National Teachers College Alumni Association (NTCAAA) is the official national organization of all National Teachers College alumni. NTCAA assists its alma mater to promote and pursue the vision of the National Teachers College as well as to forge strong network among its alumni. NTCAA seeks to be an active partner in alumni affairs for the development of NTC and its members.

NTCAA Officers (2018 - 2023)

Dr. Renee Rose G. Geneta
Dr. Maximo Muldong
Mr. Mark Anthony Panlilio
Ms. Mia P. Evangelista
Mr. Adam Lamdeda
Dr. Liza Cruz
Dr. Bernardita Peres
Ms. Catherine Acopra

Board Members:

Ms. Matilde Altez
Mr. Basilio S. Hermosa
Ms. Tomasita L. Banaag
Mr. Robert I. Fernando
Mr. Louie Fababaer
Ms. Merimee Tampus-Siena
Mr. Floro D.R. Banachea Jr.

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