SY 2020-2021 Enrollment


Doctor of Education | Master of Education | Master of Arts in Counseling | Education | Accountancy | Business Administration | Office Administration | Hospitality Management | Tourism Management | Psychology | Information Technology | Library Science | Senior High School | Junior High School | Elementary | Kinder

Step 1: Register

Click the button above to register. Once diverted to the portal, kindly click Register here (see photo below)

Step 2:

Option 1: Email  with the information provided below.

Option 2: Send us an SMS through the following numbers:

    • Globe: 09663312083, 09663312036, 09663307798, 09279348270, 09663307801
    • Smart: 09995174418, 09473084596, 09123481625
  • Full Name: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
  • Course / Grade Level:
  • Term: SY 2020-2021
  • Mode of Payment: installment or cash
  • Notes you wish to inform the admission officer (i.e. preferred schedule. Please understand that schedules are on a first come first served basis. We do not guarantee that the preferred schedule will still be open by the time your registration form is being processed. If this would happen, our Admission Officer will be in touch with you via mobile for other arrangements.

The Admission Officer will e-mail to you your registration form starting June 8.


  • Processing of Registration Form is during office hours (Mondays through Fridays; 8:00-5:00). Cut-off will be 4:00 each working day. Requests received after the cut-off will be processed the next working day.

Step 3: Pay your down payment

Settle the down payment (minimum of 500 pesos) through any of the following:


·        Account Number: 2261 0004 93

·        Account Name: The National Teachers College



·        Account Number: 011-02-002-455

·        Account Name: The National Teachers College



·        Account Number: 7589-705917

·        Account Name: National Teachers College


China Bank :

·        Account Number: 1010-00-000808

·        Account Name: The National Teachers College


Land Bank:

·        Account Number: 0012-1182-79

·        Account Name: The National Teachers College


Eastwest Bank:

·        Account Number: 200016926743

·        Account Name: The National Teachers College


If through GCash, You may go to your GCash home page and select Bank Transfers. Select the bank you wish to transfer the funds to and enter the bank details stated above.

Step 4:

Please fill-up information and attach your proof of payment in the following google forms:
  • For easier validation, please use the file name Student Number_Student Surname (e.g. 61900000_Dela Cruz) for the attachment in the Google Form. 
  • Please ensure to write/indicate the Student’s full name and Student Number on the Deposit Slip or Screenshot of payment as Remarks/Notes. Please see the image below as a sample. 

In taking a picture of your deposit slip, please ensure that transaction date and machine validation details are captured. For GCash settlement, please use the Transaction Receipt as the attachment of proof of payment.

Contact Us

You may leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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