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The Internet has been part of our lives since its invention. We spend most of our time on the world wide web and social media. It has paved the way for us to communicate and build connections, and it provides us access to information.

However, the way we use the Internet has changed due to the pandemic and exposed the digital divide, especially schools adapted to remote learning. A lack of equity in Internet access and digital devices created a gap in Education and access to the Internet. 

Thus, students without Internet access are left behind. It affects their academic performance and misses out on information from their teachers. 

The lack of equity in Internet access turns to be one of the major problems that the education sector faces that also relates to unequal educational opportunities. 

With this in mind, the National Teachers College allows the students to exercise their power of choice to bridge the gap in the digital divide. Thus,  college students can choose between correspondence and online learning. 

In correspondence learning, NTC provides students with self-paced modules. It allows them to study without Internet access or with limited access. This approach helps them to continue their studies without worrying about the synchronous session. 

Nonetheless, NTC understands the essence of the Internet in Education in students’ lives. As Tanglaw, we strive to bring equity and equality in education and access to every student to ignite their passion and ambition. 

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