What is NTCs Sandbox

Do you remember the sandbox you used to play in on the playground? Playing in the tiny sandbox allows us to think outside the box and learn to use our imaginations. It is fun and exciting, and we discover a lot in that little sandbox.

That’s why the National Teachers College becomes the students’ very own sandbox, where their ideas and intelligence come to life every Wednesday. Sandbox is structured using the nine (9) multiple intelligence,  and its objective is to captivate students’ interest, discover their hidden abilities, and capitalize on something undiscovered. 

Ms. Maila Lagman, head of Student Life and Leadership Development, explained, “We launched Sandbox using the nine (9) multiple intelligences, na parang saan ang talino mo? The objective is to tickle whatever it is to feel or baka mayroon ka pang madiscover na talino mo, and then you can capitalize on something undiscovered. In other words, we are trying to help students to be aware of their capabilities and what else they can develop.”

NTC Sandbox has various programs conducted every Wednesday, such as recruitment and mentorship, art exhibits showcasing the students’ creativity, webinars, and contests. The Office of the Student Affairs, Guidance, Library, and Acads organize events alternately organizes events in Sandbox that provide students a space for questioning and creativity. 

Sandbox is a game changer in education as it follows an ethos of doing or making something cool! It also creates a new approach to learning focused wholly on the child. 

As Ms. Maila said, “As much as possible, we make the activities for students fun so they can really experience the joy in learning and be more creative in doing the activities we set for them.”

So, NTCians do not merely learn from the four corners of their room but also learn from interacting with content without the interference of monitoring, assessment, or interpreting their teacher’s messages. With this, students are more willing to experiment, understand, follow their interests, and hold themselves accountable for their accomplishments.

In other words, NTC gives their students the freedom to be creative and innovate so they can experience joy in learning as they also enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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