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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have contributed a lot to the development of our nation, but what is the value of STEM in education?

The National Teachers College sees that introducing STEM to students can increase creativity, problem-solving, and curiosity for learning. It also gives them the advantage to be innovators in the field of STEM as it also develops their decision-making, leadership, and acceptance of failure. Thus, they will make a difference that goes beyond their school projects. 

Through STEM, students also learn to think of solutions to the challenges the world faces and understand how these challenges affect their development and society.

As Saj Benedict Ayala, a STEM student, said, “I choose STEM not only for my dream job, which is to be an architect, but to help our society – our nation because nowadays our country has a lack of workers in the field of sciences.”

Although many Filipinos are leaving the Philippines, students like Saj still wish to serve their country, and they are hopeful that this track will help them achieve more of their dreams.

Meldrick Alba, another STEM student, said, “STEM makes us gain more knowledge about research, and it improves our skills in Sciences and Maths. It already gives me an idea of what I will take in the future.”

While Maica Baldon, a STEM student, said, “STEM builds resilience as we encounter many failures during experiments, and it fosters creativity.”

Hence, students of the National Teachers College under the STEM track have the opportunities to explore, experiment, and build new ideas. Also, NTC encourages its students to improve their skills which they can apply in real-life situations.  

Moreover, NTC develops students’ capabilities in STEM to face the challenges of globalization and knowledge-based economy with competence and confidence, as they also broaden the horizons of the students’ minds through LinkedIn Learning. NTC integrates LinkedIn Learning in all its SHS tracks for the advancement of students’ education and career. It provides additional learning and certificates to help students level up their skills and knowledge according to their chosen track or else use it for employment should they decide to work after SHS.

NTC envisions students to be successful in the career they have chosen. That is why NTC ignites the passion and ambition of students in STEM to thrive in the various industries. 

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