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It’s the time of the year when Senior High School students weigh their options on which course to take and school to go to. Some would take a program aligned with their senior high track, and some would pursue what their hearts truly desire.

Yet, the pandemic happened and influenced the students’ choices since some industries closed and affected their future. Although the business industry is still surviving, and Financial Management becomes more in demand, and projects to grow over the years.

Choosing Financial Management is the best option for students who wish for stability and growth. When we hear Financial Management, we would often have a connotation that they are working as financial advisors.

However, those who finished a degree in Financial Management can be a Corporate Manager, Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, or Investor Relations Executive.  It gives a chance for individuals to grow and excel.  

According to Kiana Marie Daquigan, 3rd-year BSBA major in Financial Management, “I pursue this course because I know that being in this field will open doors of opportunities for me. It will help me grow as an individual and an employee in the future because it will enhance my leadership efficiency and  decision making.”

Taking this program will eventually help you to develop skills such as leadership, decision making, transparency, and control. Hence, these skills are fundamental in Financial Management because you are responsible for ensuring the efficient utilization of financial resources.

At the National Teachers College, we will hone the skills you need to be successful in Financial Management. We will unlock your leadership and managerial efficiency to be better in your profession, and most of all, we will help you achieve your goals with burning passion and ambition. 

“Choosing NTC enlightens me about my future, and they provided me a better education because they give me wisdom and knowledge to continue to pursue my dream, that is to be a Financial Analyst with MBA, someday, and to build my own business. NTC also gives me a better view of life, and this school is not limited to those aspirants of becoming a teacher but also for future Financial Analysts like me.” Daquigan added.

Thus, the National Teachers College is an institution for learning and cultivating successful future generations. We enlighten and guide them to their chosen careers because we value their ambition. 

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