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World Development Information Day!

Ever since we are young, we have had the right to hold our opinion and express them freely. Our opinions are crucial in the growth and development of our society. It also ignites change, but it also defines the kind of person we are as Ralph Waldo Emerson said that people do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.  Therefore, we must behave responsibly and respect other people’s rights.

Given that our opinions can ignite change and create growth and development, the United Nations General Assembly finds a need to improve the dissemination of information, and mobilization of public opinion, especially among young people. 

As the National Teachers College encourages growth and development through democratic education, we see the improvement of information and mobilization of public opinion as a step forward in developing students’ awareness and knowledge surrounding the development of our nation and the world. 

Thus, NTC encourages its students to have a more critical and analytical opinion that will benefit them and others. We must strengthen the cooperation in resolving problems of our institution and our nation in voicing out what we think is wrong and right, without stepping into someone else’s right. Students must also understand that the information and opinion they share can impact our society, either positively or negatively. 

Apart from that, the development of a society relies on our opinion. If we continuously hold back and do not speak what we believe is right. Therefore, we will not see the progress of humans and society. Some people will disagree or agree, but we have to weigh in our morals and values, too. You are entitled to have your opinion, but think if this opinion contradicts ethics. 

As Tanglaw, we should not just ignite our passion and ambition. We must also ignite the dissemination of correct information and mobilize public opinion to bring change to our nation, especially during these trying times. 

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