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International Youth Day

The Youth as Tanglaw of Future Generation

Our youth has the power to create change as long as we allow them to have their voice because they hold the key to the future of prosperity and peace. Our youth is also the nation’s development partner. Thus, we should give them chances to speak and be heard because they have new idealism, enthusiasm, and courage to make our world better.

One of the youths contributing to the changes in nation-building is Lanz Riley Acebo, NTC’s student government president, and a youth advocate. Lanz believes that the youth is the hope of the future generation because their involvement is crucial to national and global issues.

According to Lanz,” Our generation is still proving that we are the hope of the future. We are the generation wherein people are starting to meddle in politics. We find solutions for societal problems, and we make changes in the society which I see will have a huge impact in changing and improving our society, specifically in our country.” 

Lanz proves that the youth is an active participant of the nation as they continue to make changes in our society. Thus, we should guide them and let them challenge our old ideas. For Lanz, challenging the ideas of the past generation is a step to being critical in terms of decision-making. Thus, it helps him to weigh the suitability of the ideas in our current situations. 

We also have to remember that to achieve global efforts the youth, must have equal and meaningful participation. They hold a crucial role in fighting the impact of world problems that also affect education, particularly during the pandemic. 

Lanz added, “With the pandemic, there are still students left behind, and we have to act to make a change, especially in the current status of our education. We have to provide more access to quality education. Although it is challenging to achieve, we have to believe that it is most likely possible.”

The youth see the impact the coronavirus has on their mental health and education. Hence, they have to live in the new normal and cope with the changes, but this also helps them challenge the decision-makers and make them accountable for their actions.

As adults and their equal partners, we have to guide our youth to make sound decisions and change the old ideas. Dr. Jose Rizal said, “youth is the hope of our future.” Thus, we should allow them to create change and challenge them to be the real hope of our future. 

NTC supports our youth in building and debunking ideologies to make their future better in participation in the International Youth Day. 

As a part of the young generation, what can you do to make Philippine education better?

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