happy book lovers day

Books are gateways to different unexplored worlds for us to discover. Book also educates us about the world we know and opens doors of opportunities for us to learn about ourselves.

Books are also companions of those seeking a friend or knowledge because books do not simply contain information about Pythagoras or Aristotle. Books hold feelings and experiences that sometimes we are oblivious to. Books give us extraordinary experiences that we might not be able to experience in real life.

Books also open our eyes and mind about the world we know because of the ideologies integrated into its contents. We also learn things that we cannot learn from school. Thus we become wise and knowledgeable.

The National Teachers College supports the excitement of NTCian Bibliophiles this International Book Lovers Day. We encourage you to find your favorite reading place, a good book, and read a day away.

Besides, NTC has an outdoor book borrow and return scheme wherein students can email their requests to the library. Students can pick up the borrowed book at the main entrance of the school. We also provide a dropbox where students can return the books. 

Aside from that, NTC has an online library that students can access, and integrated into our Library Information System is the EBSCO database system that provides e-journals and ebooks. With EBSCO in our LIS, students can access research databases without worry.

NTC Library will also subscribe to Scholastics for the Basic Education that will help them to enhance their comprehension and engagement. Thus, NTC ensures that every student would have access to books, journals, and other archives that would develop their passion for reading and research, and help them with their studies. 

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