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Meet our Mobile Learning Hero, Jennifer P. Consing, School of Teacher Education Faculty

Superpowers: She can transform amidst changes to be resilient, agile, and adaptive. She is also optimistic and focused despite many challenges.

Ms. Consing’s mantra to why she is still and will be a teacher is from a quote of Jean Grey, “We come into the world alone, and we leave the same way. The time we spend in-between – time spent alive, sharing, learning together is all that makes life worth living.” For her, touching the lives of learners makes every teacher’s niche worthy because, being a teacher, she can transform amidst changes to become resilient, agile, and adaptive in reaching out to the needs of her students. Due to the pandemic, the unexpected transition from face-to-face to remote learning was overwhelming to teachers. Despite that, Ms. Consing still chose to have a positive mindset that can radiate towards her learners experiencing the same dilemma of the digital divide and abyss.

Thus, Ms. Consing’s resiliency, optimism, and focus help students cope with the new normal’s struggles in education. Regardless of these struggles, sharing and learning together make students and teachers focused in this trying time.

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