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What NTC provides for Basic Ed Students?

Are you still weighing your options on where to enroll your children this year amid the pandemic? Parents and students are looking for a school that is not only affordable but also quality in education. Besides, parents also look for a school that provides growth and opportunities for their children to achieve more in life.

The National Teachers College understands your concerns as a parent and student. Thereby, NTC not only provides affordable and quality education. It also provides the following:

  • Modified Learning System for Kinder to Grade 12
  • ESC Grant for Junior High School
  • Senior High School Voucher
  • LinkedIn Learning for Senior High School
  • Practicle Singapore Math for Kinder to Grade 6
  • Prime English Program for Kinder to Grade 10


Modified Learning System

The National Teachers College offers a modified learning system for kinder to grade 12 students. It provides an engaging, frustration-free, and access to remote learning. Students have more time to learn with their teacher in their synchronous classes, while parents can manage more time to guide their children in studying. 

National Teachers College heard the concerns of parents, too, about the correspondence or modules of students. Also, we understand that convenience and low connectivity are crucial in this new normal. Thus, NTC also has asynchronous classes for students with modules provided sent through their email. 

Moreover, the modified learning approach of NTC allows personalization and in-person teaching with technological-based methods in which students can experience support and guidance anywhere and anytime. 


ESC Grants

Most parents are pessimistic about private school because it is expensive, but NTC is not among them. In NTC, the tuition fee is affordable, and we provide ESC Grant to incoming Grade 7 students until they are in Grade 10, whether they are from public or private schools. ESC grants give students equal opportunities and assistance to students to have equal privileges in education. Therefore, no students will be left behind. 


SHS Voucher Program

Apart from the ESC grants for Junior High School, NTC also accepts Senior High School Vouchers. The SHS Voucher Program is financial aid for qualified SHS learners from participating private or non-DepEd public Senior High Schools. NTC also provides assistance and guidance to uphold student choice in the SHS Voucher Program. NTC facilitates students with SHS vouchers and provides career guidance programs and orientation about the voucher program. Thus, NTC highly encourages students with SHS vouchers to enroll so they can be holistic learners. 


LinkedIn Learning

The curriculum the school provides is one of the things parents look at schools, and in NTC, we assure every parent that their students can only have the best education. For that reason, NTC integrates LinkedIn Learning into its curriculum for Senior High School. LinkedIn Learning provides advancement in education and career since it provides learning and certificates that help students level up their skills and knowledge, especially for SHS students. 

Yet, the integration of LinkedIn Learning is not the only advancement NTC provides. It also has the English Prime for Kinder to Grade 10 Students and Practicle Singapore Math for Kinder to Grade 6. Moreover, it will align the students’ Reading, English, and Math learnings into the International benchmarks.


Practicle Singapore Math

Aside from LinkedIn Learning into SHS, NTC has integrated Practicle Singapore Math into the curriculum of Kinder to Grade 6 students. Practicle offers students an innovative way to learn Singapore Math with others in a fun and exciting way. Also, Practicle helps students to see word problems easily and adapts to students’ abilities. It is not only a way for students to learn Math but also for them to love Math. 


Prime English Program

Also, NTC integrates Prime English into Kinder to Grade 10 students’ curriculum. Prime English Program is an engagement program that helps students increase their reading proficiency through systematic and consistent measurement, engagement, instruction, and performance monitoring. It also develops a passion for reading.

Moreover, Prime English Program uses Scholastic Literacy Pro to measure students’ comprehension. The Literacy Pro creates a personalized reading path from assessment to reading for each student based on their interests. Also, it engages students in reading not only fiction but also non – fiction books.

Hence, with the Prime English Program, students will enhance their reading proficiency, comprehension, and English. It will also increase students’ literacy rate to be globally competent.


With this in regards, parents can guarantee that they provide their children the best education by enrolling them in the National Teachers College for their Basic education. NTC also ensures parents that their children will develop the necessary skills to excel and adapt to the changes and challenges of life with passion and ambition.  


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